The department was established in 1957 for UG classes under the headship of Shri R. C. Kulshreshth. After his departure to Gorakhpur University, Major Arun Kumar Maitra joined the Department in 1958 but he left the college in 1961. Then Dr. B. L. Sharma, Dr. Arun Chaturvedi, Dr. Hazari Lal, Dr. Niranjan Lal Varshney, Dr. Sahadev Sharma, Dr. Hari Shankar Upadhyay and Dr. Vyomshankar joined the Department and led the department on the path of progress. In the meantime Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Yadav and Dr. P. K. Singh joined the department as Mandeya Pravakta. Recently the department has been enriched with four new appointments. At present Dr. Viresh Kumar is the Head of the Department and has been assisted by Dr. Shivendra Shahi, Dr. Akshay Kumar and Mr. Pritam Kumar.

Students and Teacher Strength – At present the Department has a sanctioned strength of 6 teachers to teach about 600 undergraduate students.

Curriculum planning and Implementation – The Department offers undergraduate courses. The classes are organized as per the academic calendar and curriculum plan prepared at the beginning of the session.

Learning Resources – The college library has collection of several rare books.

Additional Study Material – The department has excellent lab facility for the under graduate students. There is a practical lab for conducting experiments and exercises related to different types of maps viz. topographical, relief and outline maps and depiction of battles with the help of sand models. In-class notes, additional reading material, journals and appropriate references to online resources are provided to the students.

Assessment – Regular assessment of students ensures timely feedback for their improvement.

Learning Outcome – Students are prepared in a way so that they can achieve their goals in competitive examination. The department also works to create awareness in the students towards national security.

Best Practices – The Department holds special lectures including seminars and conference to provide additional exposure to the students. The Department also organizes various activities including educational trips/tours to defense establishments in the country.

Feedback from Stakeholders – Anonymous student feedback is collected, summarized and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publications – Teachers of the department are actively engaged in research activities and have several research papers, seminar proceedings, books and book chapters to their credit.

Dr. Viresh Kumar
Associate Professor and Head of Department
Dr. Shivendra Shahi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Akshay Kumar
Assistant Professor
Mr. Pritam Kumar
Assistant Professor