Office of Alumni Affairs and Development Programmes:

The college in its endeavour to strengthen the link with the alumni has a set an office consisting of dedicated team of staff members headed by Faculty- Coordinator. The alumni affairs office at the college extends several facilities and services to the alumni and present students. AADP office is dedicated to bringing together the alumni community on a common platform to make another channel of personal and professional support alumnus through ‘self-help’ within the community. SVC is proud to have as its alumni a growing number of eminent scientists, academician’s civil servants, Indian Economic services, literary critics, law experts, political leaders, social activists, technologists, managers, Economists, financial professionals, Industrialists and entrepreneurs over the last 70 years. This link to Alumni Initiative provides opportunities to the Alumni to engage in community service. College believes that the Alumni are goodwill ambassadors for SV College. They serve as effective interlocutors, provide effective advice and support to the college, suggest frontline research areas, offer career advice and also help in securing financial support. Another important dynamic academic aspect is that alumni provide collaborations in Academic, research and development.