The department of Political Science was established in July, 1951 with Graduate classes. Post graduate classes began in 1953 under the headship of Dr. G. P. Srivastava. Besides him, Mr. P. N. Mittal, Prof. S. K. Srivastava the then Head of the Department of History and Mr. B. L. Sharma rendered part time help to the department. During the years 1959-69, eminent teachers like Mr. Gyanendra Pal Varshney, Dr. R. L. Gaudino an American Scholar, Mr. N. K. Gupta, Mr. Gyanendra Pal Varshney, Prof. R. N. Vaish, Mr. Hemraj Singh Pundhir and Mr. H. O. Mittal rendered their services to the department but except Prof. R. N. Vaish and Mr. H. O. Mittal others left the department after getting better job options. Dr. Ashok Kumar joined the department in 1977 but took transfer to Mathura after serving the department for 36 years. At present, Dr. M. I. Khan (1997) is the Head of the Department and is well assisted by Dr. Richa Bajaj and Shri Ajay Kumar Pathak who joined the department in 2010 and 2017 respectively.

Student and Teacher Strength – At present the department has a sanctioned strength of 4 teachers to teach about 500 undergraduate and 150 postgraduate students.

Curriculum Planning and Implementation – The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The classes are conducted according to the academic calendar and curriculum plan shaped by department teachers as the session begins.

Learning Resources –The college library has collection of several rare books. Apart from it, teachers also provide study material to students. Teachers are always available to meet the queries of students. Remedial classes are also conducted.

Additional Study Material – Class notes, reading materials, reference books, journals, material taken from internet and PPTs are given and shown to the students.

Assessment – Class tests are conducted regularly to assess the students’ progress.

Learning Outcome – Approximately 87% students of the department pass every year.

Best Practices – Given the large number of students, the lecture method is unavoidable but to extract the potential of students, teachers regularly organize quizzes, elaborative tests, extempore debates, paper presentations. To connect the students with society, an inter-departmental programme on “Health and Hygiene” has been conducted.

Feedback from Stakeholders – Anonymous student feedback is collected, summarized and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publication – Teachers have been regularly participating in National and International seminars. A number of research papers of the faculties have been published in renowned journals.

Dr. Mohd. Iqbal Khan
Associate Professor and Head of Department
r. Richa Bajaj
Assistant Professor
Shri Ajay Kumar Pathak
Assistant Professor