Welcome to Shri Varshney College Aligarh

A premier Education institution in Uttar Pradesh

The college is affiliated to Dr. B. R. A. University Agra and is one of the well-known and eminent colleges of the University. The college was established in 1947. It’s an offspring of a commercial pathshala established on 14th May 1922 during the atmosphere of Non-cooperation Movement, which was raised to middle level in 1931, High school in 1939 and Intermediate in 1945.
It those early days, Aligarh Muslim University was the only institution of higher learning and according to A.M.U. Act a degree college could not be started within 10 miles from it. However, this difficulty was overcome and the Chancellor of Agra University appended his signature on 22-6-47 on the recommendation of the working committee of Agra University’s resolution no. 285 of 3-5-47.

Dr. Kanhaiya Lal Garg was appointed its founder Principal with a staff of 9 (nine) teachers and three clerks. There were twenty students in LL.B. Ist year and 33 students in B.Com. Ist year. The college has now completed more than six decades of journey. It has secured its place in the society as a multi faculty college with Humanities, Social Science, Commerce, Education and Law faculties with a total student’s strength of more than 6000 of which about 4000 are female students.

Quality Education

Higher education is mainly carried out with a purpose of research, consultancy and extension. The institution tries to develop a culture of excellence and social responsibility in all these areas. College administration, faculty and students work together to achieve this aim. The faculty of the institution equip students with research skills. They also provide advisory services to various sections of the society. Due to lack of a clear revenue raising/ sharing policy of the government, paid consultancy projects are not taken up. Besides this, the college aims at overall personality development of the student by providing them with value based education, but at some points, the the college finds its hands tied as it is a non autonomous affiliated college of B. R. A. University, Agra.

NAAC Grade

The college has been accredited in 2007 with B++ grade by NAAC, and since then the college has centralized its efforts for enhancing quality according to the suggestions made by the Peer Team of NAAC. These suggestions have worked as the catalyst for continuation of the successful journey of the college.

Mission Statement

The mission of the college is to impart education for the holistic development of the students in all possible ways. The institution equips the students to face challenges that new knowledge brings by engaging them in advancing scholarly enquiry, cultivating creative and critical thoughts and generating innovative knowledge within a value driven framework. The college also offers courses like B.Sc. (Comp. Sci.) PGDBM, DLIS, PGDCP, that are relevant in the contemporary scenario. Other courses like BLIS, BCA, CFN, DNHE, CTE etc. have been activated at the IGNOU Centre (47015) of the college.