• College was established as an offspring of a commercial pathshala established in 14 May, 1922 during Non-Corporation Movement of Independence Struggle.
  • Honourable Chancellor of Agra University appended his signature on recommendation of the working committee of Agra Universities Regulation No. 285 of 3-5-1947.
  • Dr.KanahiyaLalGarg took charge as the founder Principal with the staff of 9 Teachers and 3 Clerks.
  • Dr. M. C. Mathur took charge as Principal of the college. Dr. K.L. Garg after the Murder of by an assailant.
  • The College extended its scope and got the recognition for M.A. (Eco.), M.Com (1949), M.A. (Hindi), M.A. (Pol. Sc.) (1954), M.A. (English,) M.A. (Hist.), M.A. (Geo.) (1957), B.T. (Now B.Ed.), M.A. (Soc.) (1959). N.C.C. was also started in 1955.
  • The College moved a step further to meet the growing demand of science graduates and post graduates with establishment of B.Sc.
  • The building of PannaLal Library was constructed.
  • Shri MurariLal took charge of the Principal of the college.
  • The name of the college was changed to Shri Varshney College from Barahseni College as per the U.P. Government Policies.
  • B.Sc. Math in 1965 and M.Sc. Math in 1968, M.Sc. Chemistry in 1968 and M.Sc. Physics in 1973. N.S.S. was started in 1970-71.
  • Silver Jubilee Celebration.
  • Professor N. P. Gupta Became the officiating Principal.
  • Establishment of Book Bank for poor students.
  • Dr. S.C. Gupta was appointed as the Principal.
  • Establishment of a Cycle stand.
  • Recognition for master degree in drawing and painting.
  • Inauguration of the Art Gallery by the honourable Vice Chancellor of Agra University Agra, Dr.Shyam Narayan Mahrotra.
  • Eight quarters for teachers were constructed.
  • Revival of Cohships scheme as development program for faculty of commerce and social science.
  • Recognized as ‘Lead College’ by UGC in New Delhi
  • Renovation of the first science faculty and library to meet the need of students.
  • Construction of two new lecture theatres.
  • Dr. D. K. Gupta took charge as the Principal of the college.
  • Construction of separate building for Faculty of Law, Faculty of Teacher Education, offices for N.S.S. and N.C.C.
  • Development of garden waste land of the college for the cultivation of aesthetic sense amongst students and protection of environment.
  • Establishment of fully air-conditioned Computer Centre with all accessories for the first time in the college.
  • Shaurya Chakra was given to Shri Nawal Kant the Head Department of the Statistics by the President for his courageous deeds.
  • Seminar on “Rare Earths and Transition Metal Compounds” Participated by the eminent scientist Prof.RaguedsDegay from Russia and other renowned men of physics from A.M.U., D.S. College and other nearby areas.
  • Separate provision for Teacher’s Education Department and Law Department. The first floor of the building was used to established offices for NSS and NCC.
  • A separate office was built for games and sports.
  • Basketball court was constructed.
  • Six new lecturer theatres were constructed for the student of Law and B.Ed.
  • Lecturer platform were constructed in almost all lecturer rooms.
  • Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma took charge of the Principal of the college.
  • Separate research centre was opened in the library to promote research work.
  • A big girl’s common room was built with proper facility of toilet at the floor above the female staff room.
  • Establishment of fully air-conditioned Computer Centre with all accessories for the first time in the college.
  • Six new lecture theatres for commerce faculty were built.
  • The library of education and law faculty was shifted to ground floor and at the first floor library room was converted in to girl’s common room with toilet facility and well protected stair case.
  • Two separate computer labs for PGDCP with four computers and new lab for B.Sc. Computer Science with thirteen new computers were established.
  • The park of Humanities and Social Science faculty was grilled along with the channel gates in the (stair cases).
  • Construction of separate gate for Education and Law faculty.
  • Boundary of the play-ground was built.
  • New submersible pump was installed in science faculty.
  • New Sewer tank for newly built toilets in science faculty.
  • Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) was started.
  • Sixteen new computers were purchased for labs to need IT demands.
  • Books of rupees three lakh and ten Almirahs were received as a gift from KendriyaSamajKalyanVibhag.
  • Election of management committee after fourteen years and engineer Dinesh Chandra Varshney became the president and engineer RaghvendraVarshney was elected as secretory of the management committee.
  • Separate library with reading room for RojgarParakPathyakram
  • A record room in the account section was prepared.
  • A new store has been constructed in Zoology department.
  • Extension of the building of Punjab National Bank.
  • Celebration of Diamond Jubilee of college.
  • Establishment of Moot Court in Law Faculty.
  • Separate Common Room for Lady Professors.
  • Common Room for Girls.
  • Accreditation by NAAC and Institute is graded B++
  • A General Seminar on “Efforts in Excellence” was organised (9-12-2007). Prof.BhoomitraDev, V.C. Dr. B.R.A. University was the chief guest.
  • Dr. K. L. Gupta took charge as Principal of the College.
  • National Seminar on “Higher Education : ShakshikhVishyokiRojgarParakSambhawnay” was organised
  • Establishment of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (session 2007-2008).
  • Dr.Rudra Mani Sengar took charge as the Principal of the college.
  • National Conference on “Recent development in Science and Technology”.
  • National Seminar on “Global Recession and Indian Economy”.
  • National Seminar on “Globalization: Perspective, Impact and Challenges”.
  • International Art exhibition.
  • Special Evening classes for B.A. to give opportunity to the increasing number of student enrolment.
  • Dr. S. P. S. Jadaun took charge as the Principal of the College.
  • The new building with 12 Class Rooms, Faculty Office, Teacher Rooms and other Facilities was inaugurated
  • IGNOU Study Centre 47015 was established.
  • The College Conference Hall was equipped with furniture and light and sound system.
  • Emergency medical care centre with two beds and modern equipment was started.
  • RO Machines for the supply of pure water were installed throughout the college.
  • E-Learning Centre in Collaboration with ICICI was started.
  • Formation of Anti-Ragging Squad by the Principal.
  • Establishment of ShodhPrakoshtha(Research Cell).
  • National Seminar on “Contemporary scenario of Humanities and Social Science”.
  • Establishment of Instrument Centre in Chemistry Department
  • National Seminar on “New Trends of Metal Ions in Drug Design”, 9-10 Oct. 2010.
  • National Conference on “Recent Advances in Mathematics and their application” Feb. 12-13, 2011
  • International Seminar (ICSSR) on “Post-Modernism : Dimensions and Challenges” on 4, 5, 6 March 2011
  • International Seminar (UGC) on “Post-Modernism : Dimensions and Challenges” on 1, 2, 3, March 2012
  • Construction of Guest Room, Steno room along with the renovation of Principal’s room
  • Tin Shade and fans at the second gate of the college to protect students from sun during exams.
  • Construction of Museum for History department.
  • Construction of Grand Gate of the College
  • Construction of new Administrative block and computer room.
  • National Seminar by the Department of Military Studies on“Naxalism: Understanding the Issues, Challenges and Alternative Approaches.” On 30th& 31th March, 2014.
  • National Seminar on “Dalits in Indian Economy: Present and Future Prospects” on 27-28 May 2014.