Brief Overview

Department of Economics was set up in the year 1947, under the able guidance of Prof. S.S.Rathi, Dr. M.C. Mathur and Shri Murari Lal. In its earlier stages of development, Sri Murari Lal, Sri M.C Vaish, Dr. Mohan Lal Misra, Sri R.P. Varshney and Dr. R.P Mittal nursed the department. In the year 1969, Sri R.P. Varshney took charge of the department. The teachers of the department like Dr. S.S. Rathi, Prof. Murari Lal, Dr. M.L. Mishra and Sri R.P. Varshney wrote over a dozen books. A comprehensive book on statistics was also written by Sri. R.P. Varshney. Several teachers like Dr. S.S. Rathi, Dr. R.P. Mittal, Dr. Chandan Kumar, Dr. S.D. Gupta, Dr. Mahavir Singh, Dr. Rajeev Yeshwardhan received their Ph.D. degree during their stay in the department. At present Dr. Rajeev Yeshwardhan is the Head of the Department and is ably assisted by Dr. Veena Upadhyay, Dr. Tanu Varshney and Dr. Sheo Kumar Singh. One post fell vacant in 2018 due to the transfer of Dr. Umesh Singh Jadon. The teachers of the department are actively engaged in research work and get their research papers published in journals and anthologies.

Student and Teacher Strength – Department of Economics has a sanctioned strength of 5 teachers to teach about 900 undergraduate and 155 postgraduate students.

Curriculum planning and implementation – The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The department prepares the academic calendar and curriculum plan in the beginning of the session and UG and PG classes are run accordingly.

Learning Resources – The college library has a very good collection of books of leading authors including rare books. Besides this, the departmental library has about 80 books contributed by the teachers, alumni and students. These are available for consultation to teachers, postgraduate students and meritorious undergraduate students.

Additional Study Material – Multimedia teaching is being done at UG and PG levels. Various class notes, additional reading material and appropriate references to online and physical resources are provided to the students.

Assessment – Regular assessment of students ensures timely feedback for their improvement.

Learning Outcome – The department has a consistent record with an average pass percentage of around 90 %.

Best Practices – Include arranging extension lectures, seminars and group discussions, organizing the talks of resource persons and educational tours, participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students. Students are also invited to deliver lectures to their class mates.

Feedback from Stakeholders –Anonymous student feedback is collected, summarised and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publications- Teachers of the department are actively involved in research pursuits through active participation in seminars and conferences of the subject. Teachers of the department delivered lectures in various colleges under the extension lecture scheme of the university. Teachers of the department have also delivered lectures as resource persons in the subject. They have also published several research papers and book chapters.


Dr. Rajeev Yeshwardhan
Associate Professor and Head of Department
Dr. Veena Upadhyay
Assistant Professor
Dr. Tanu Varshney
Assistant Professor