Department of Drawing and Painting was established in 1959 with only 5 students at graduation level and Dr. Gopal Madhukar Chaturvedi as the Head of the Department. With increase in the number of students, Shri Pramod Kumar Gupta joined the department as lab assistant in 1977. PG classes began in 1979 and Dr. Mahesh Chandra Varshney, Dr. Nisha Gupta and Dr. Rajesh Singh joined the department. After the retirement of Dr. Chaturvedi, Dr. Mahesh Chandra Varshney became the head of the Department in 1992. Research facility was introduced in the department in 2004. The department has been organizing seminars and arranging exhibitions from 1962 and the custom has been maintained till date. The students of the department used to participate in the famous exhibition of Aligarh under the able guidance of their teachers. Besides fulfilling their duties at the department the teachers actively participate in different important committees framed at the college and University level.

Student and Teacher Strength – At present the department has a sanctioned strength of 3 teachers to teach about 380 undergraduate and 110 postgraduate students.

Curriculum Planning and Implementation – The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Classes are organised as per the academic calendar and curriculum plan prepared at the beginning of the session.

Learning Resources – The central library of the college has a rare collection of books. Besides this, the departmental library has some important books, theses, and dissertations for consultation to teachers, postgraduate students and research scholars.

Additional Study Material – In-class notes, additional reading material and appropriate references to online and physical resources are used to enhance the learning experience.

Assessment – Regular tests ensure familiarity with question paper pattern and develop better answer writing skills.

Learning Outcome – The department has a consistent record with an average pass percentage of around 80 %.

Best Practices – Besides the lecture method, other teaching methods are frequently used e.g., group discussions, poster presentation, classroom seminar, etc. Smartphones and personal computers are utilised to enrich the teaching learning experience.

Feedback from Stakeholders – Anonymous student feedback is collected, summarised and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publications- Teachers of the department are actively engaged in research activities and have several research papers, seminar proceedings, etc. to their credit. Four scholars have been awarded Ph.D. till date.



Dr. Mahesh Chandra Varshney
Associate Professor and Head of Department
Dr. Nisha Gupta
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rajesh Singh
Assistant Professor