The department of Hindi was established in 1951 and Dr. Puttu Lal Shukla became its head. In 1952, Shri Shri Krishna Varshney joined the Department. P. G. Classes were started in 1953 and the same year Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Chaturvedi was appointed. After the departure of Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Chaturvedi and Dr. Puttu Lal Shukla in 1954 and 1955 respectively, Dr. Shri Krishna Varshney was appointed as Head and under his leadership the Department became the center for higher learning and research. A number of teachers like Shri Krishna Chandra Khemka (1955-57), Shri Narooti Lal Gupta (1957-60), Dr. Chhavinath Tripathi (1957), Dr. Kailash Chandra Bhartiya (1958-60), Dr. R. K. Jain (1959-62), Dr. S. N. Shukla (1970) and Shri Nalini Ranjan Sharma (1970-72) joined the department but left it for better job prospects. Besides this Dr. K. L. Upreti, Dr. Mahendra Sagar Prachanditya, Dr. Manohar Lal Gaur, Dr. Gopal Babu Sharma, Dr. Vijay Gupta, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Garwalia, Dr. Udayveer Sharma, Dr. M. M. Singh served the department till their retirement. Dr. Sanjeev Srivastava, after serving the department for years, took transfer to Mathura. At present Dr. Ramesh Kumar is the Head of the Department and Dr. Ashok Dwivedi, Dr. Nirmala Kumari, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Madhur Upreti, Dr.Vikash Kumar, Ms. Seema are there to assist him.

Student and Teacher strength – At present the department has a sanctioned strength of 9 teachers out of which only 7 teachers are there in the Department to teach about 1300 students at graduate and 160 students at postgraduate level.

Curriculum planning and implementation – The classes are organized as per the academic calendar of the college / university and curriculum is prepared at the beginning of the session.

Learning resources – The central library of the college has a collection of rare text books, books on criticism of literary texts, old and new magazines related to Hindi language and literature. The books of different subjects are also available to teachers and students for interdisciplinary studies.

Additional study material – Besides providing a list of additional reading material and reference books, movies, serials, documentary films based on literary texts and the material from internet is made available to the students.

Assessment –Regular assessment of students to ensure timely feedback for their improvement.

Learning outcome –The department has an average pass percentage of around 85%.

Best practices – Besides the lecture method, other teaching resources like ICT learning resources, group discussion, class room seminar etc. are used. Creative writing competitions are held from time to time.

Feedback from stakeholders – Anonymous student feedback is collected, summarized and communicated to teachers.

Research and Publications – Teachers of the department are actively engaged in research activities and have several research papers, seminar proceedings, books and book chapters to their credit. At present 4 research scholars are enrolled in the department.

Specialty of Department – One of the teachers of the department has contributed to E-pathshala programme of UGC by unit writing and recording for P.G. level course which is also available on Youtube.



Shri Ashok Diwedi
Assistant Professor
Shri Rakesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Vikash Kumar
Assistant Professor
Ms. Seema
Assistant Professor
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