Internal Quality Assurance Cell Feedback System

IQAC of Shri Varshney College, has developed feedback formats that are used to collect feedback from stakeholders. The method of feedback collection and the feedback format are subject to improvement as their limitations come to light or as technological changes permit saving in manpower or paper. Earlier, objective feedback was collected. Now the institution is introducing a bilingual feedback format. The possibility of migrating to an OMR based or online feedback system in the future is being considered.
The IQAC realizes that a centralised, one size fits all, point based objective feedback system has its own advantages and disadvantages. While it ensures uniformity in data and is amenable to statistical analysis, it may not capture subjective details that may impact teaching. To accommodate the needs of individual departments and teachers and to foster academic freedom, in addition to the centralised feedback mechanism described herein, the departments are free to collect and use feedback from various stakeholders to suit their own requirements. Normally, the following feedback system is followed
a) Student feedback – IQAC has developed a student feedback format. The printed format is collected by the departments from the IQAC office. The format is provided to students and in-class feedback is collected from students. The student feedback has the following salient features
i) Anonymous – To encourage honest feedback without fear of reprisal from anyone.
ii) In Class – To ensure high rate of participation.
iii) Objective – To permit data summarization and analysis.
iv) Comprehensive – Feedback is collected on 14 points about various aspects of teaching.
v)Third party analysis - The filled formats are provided to the computer cell for objective analysis.
vi) Actionable inputs - Based on the collected and analyzed feedback are provided to teachers by the head of the department. Any salient points about the infrastructure and other aspects beyond the purview of the head of the department are communicated to the principal of the institution in various meetings.